The MS. IARS confederation provides turnkey Industry solutions that include, but not limited to development and deployment of Automation and Enterprise productivity improvement solutions leveraging OR models, Aviation Enterprise Assets management and ERP solutions in line with Industry 4.0 standard, software solutions and RFID based Solutions. Presently extending consultancy for upcoming Europe’s one of the largest Airport at Istanbul vis-à-vis, automation of Aviation flight / maintenance operations, Occupational health safety , environmental sustainability, Flying Operations and MRO Asset Management.

Sustained collaborations with Industry and Academia across the globe. Pursuant to same, managing 12+ industrial cum academic collaborators e.g. Canada-Post Canada , Cranfield UK University, IfM-University of Cambridge UK , SOM-HUST-China, China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC), Turkish Aerospace Industries, TUBITAK Turkey, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex-PAC-Pakistan, SMEs of Aviation-City-Kamra, CARE-Pakistan, Air University-Pakistan etc.

The Board of Governors and senior Member of IARS confederation have Multidisciplinary background in Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Informatics Industry with 29+ years of multinational professional experience. This includes but not limited to Aerospace flight support operations, Aircraft Factory Automation, Informatics, Manufacturing Management, Manufacturing ES/ERP Systems, Smart Factory life cycle etc. The Blog presents wealth of knowledge attained over past 29 years and would represent some glaring inside stories of industrial knowledge gaps that need to be bridged through collaborative inputs to further improve and make this global village a better place to live

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Critical Success Factors and Technology Road-Map, You Should Plead From Your Consultants:

As a business grows the competence grows, hence, there is always a need of cutting edge support services, it is imperative that you see this important academic Journal research and article: “An Insider's Guide to Choose and select the Manufacturing execution system across whole life cycle, an Honest, Reliable, & Competent review."

In past two decades almost every Top-500 fortune company has acquired Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / enterprise systems (ES) in pursuit of business-excellence, functional-integration, production-planning, sustainable supply chain, hyper-efficient global operations and above all single version of truth (single business intelligence cum data-information across all organizational functional units ).

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However, despite of overwhelming potentials of these pervasive automation technologies, over 90% automation transformation projects failed to deliver expected success. From the standpoint of industry, three major concerns across the lifecycle are; the Implementation, Manufacturing-Production and Budget (finance as well as time) implications. Evidence supports that emerging Industry need to learn from follies of past and need to master the art of diffusion of ERP . This is known as digital transformation of your business model in order to say competitive

Our consultants, realizes these needs and render consultancy for digital transformation and ERP selection. The first step towards digital transformation requires functionality-fit, configuration-fit, reliability, usability, portability, and maintainability as per the ISO 9126(IEC 25010). This international standard defines a quality model which acts as a framework for the evaluation of attributes that contribute to the software quality.

To understand the depth of realms of knowledge areas, Read the ISO-standard report or contact us for free advise /White paper. The white paper would highlights the challenges for Industry like Aerospace, while engaging into this very vital endeavor of acquiring an ERP or PLM system, which always comes at a phenomenal cost of $1.7 Billion (Rolls Royce Case Study) to $30 B (Lockheed martin Case Study).

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