The overall aim for resilience iterates that manufacturing enterprise achieve entire process optimized across the boundaries of enterprise and collaborating partners, since departmental level processes cannot be optimized in isolation. While objectives for resilience reiterates for optimum resource optimization with online planning and online scheduling and simulation of resources. Conversely sustainability factors demand optimum Machine and Specialist scheduling, realistic orders /delivery time calculations (not deterministic but probabilistic), routing of parts (before actual production starts), Bills of materials, Bills of Processes.
The intersection of two diverse yet reinforcing domains could earns efficiency and quality for a global organization. Having achieved these objectives will lead to overall resilience and sustainability that would ensure minimizing scrap, maintaining inventory and optimizing operations across functional boundaries. Realizing these objectives we offer a wide range of Engineering Consultancy services through our reliable team of consultants across the globe for varying industries, for instance Aviation, Construction, Health, Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Shop floor Automation and Simulation.

Aviation Division

Our Aviation Division Consultancy, include but not limited to consultancy for Engineering, Manufacturing, Leasing, Engine Design , Supply chain, MRO , Maintenance, Repair, Upgrade-modification and Overhaul of many Aircraft/Helicopters types such as Saab,, Citation, Airbus, Cessna, Cirrus, Bombardier , Illusion , Vs, Aérospatiale Alouette and Turkish T129 helicopters.

Health-automation Division

Our Health-automation Division provides Consultancy for implementing services for eHospital automation management, Compute reintegrated Eye treatment and fault detection, telemedicine, etc.,

Telecomm Division & Smart Construction Division

Whereas Construction and Telecomm Division focus on Industry4.0, Secure Communication, Smart Buildings, smart grid/cloud and other sophisticated service solution.

Cybernetics and Drones Consultancy services

Our state of art Cybernetics and Drones Consultancy services & solutions are designed to ensure complete user satisfaction. We have invested profoundly so that we can offer and exceed customer expectations in these domains:

Cybernetics & Data Centers

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IoT Big-Data Analytics / Business Intelligence/

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Global Business Consultancy

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Factory and Manufacturing Automation Services

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Technology Road map and Innovation Services

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Services for Multi industry (Manufacturing & Health)

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Special Aerospace Trainings & Summer school programs

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