To render through lifecycle Services, Turnkey solutions, Products and Consultancy to customers to attain Business, Operations and Manufacturing excellence.


To provide through lifecycle support services from product Inception, prototyping, development and till up-gradation stages. Rendering world class turnkey solutions, Automation and consultancy for implementation of Business, Operations and Factory manufacturing across wide range of industries that include but not limited to Aerospace, Academia, Hospitals, R&D, Military and Extreme-Sports.


To render holistic turnkey solutions, consultancy, Services that include but not limited to Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Industry-3600 plant-Automation, Systems' modernization and ERP Solutions; for designated business areas; in line with Industry 4.X standards; exploiting, IoT, data-mining, Artificial intelligence coupled with Total Quality Management Philosophies

Why Us

An international consortium of Industrial Consultants, Aerospace Practitioners coupled with Cranfield, Georgia Tech and METU Alumni

25 Years + Experience of Industrial Automation and ERP consultancy

Privately owned and run by Engineers and Seasoned Researchers & not “Wall Street” minded accountants

Recognized as an industry Innovative leaders.

Seasoned Engineers with strong Industry academia Linkages

Rendering products services as per TQM & Zero Defect Philosophy

About Us

The IARS-Confederation is a consortium of Industrial Consultants, Aerospace Practitioners , 95% of whom are PhDs of Georgia Tech , University of Cambridge , Cranfield University, and METU. The PhD Alumni of world renowned Universities have accumulated 25+ years of industry experience at their credit, hence , are the most competent and viable think tanks to guide you how to thrive your business, stay competitive, and at the same time sustainable. The command and control of organization is Privately owned and run by Engineers and Seasoned Researchers & not “Wall Street” minded accountants.
The Top management has Sustained collaborations with Industry and Academia across the globe. It Has managed 12+ industrial and academic projects with ; Canada-Post Canada, Cranfield University UK, IfM-University of Cambridge UK, SOM-HUST-China, China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC),Turkish Aerospace Industries, TUBITAK Turkey, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex-PAC-Pakistan, SMEs of Aviation-City-Kamra, CARE CARE-Pakistan, Air University-Pakistan etc.
The Board of Governors and senior Member of IARS-Confederation have Multidisciplinary background in Manufacturing, Aerospace, and Informatics Industry with 25+ years of multinational professional experience. This includes but not limited to Aerospace flight support operations, Aircraft Factory Automation, Informatics, Manufacturing Management, Manufacturing ES/ERP Systems, Smart Factory life cycle etc.


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